Bella 14552 Cordless Electric Ceramic Kettle- Review

BELLA 14522 Electric Tea Kettle

Bella 14552 Cordless Electric Ceramic Kettle Review

 During the winter season approximately all of us loves to have hot tea or coffee daily especially in the morning time . And evenly many of us loves to take tea or coffee in the morning daily in the year they don’t care about the season. many of us believe that winter and the rainy season and the best to enjoy the taste of hot tea and coffee.

 The Bella 14552 cordless ceramic electric kettle  is seems to be the ideal electric appliances for it with a charming looks and smart features and that’s all in a reasonable price.

BELLA 14522 Electric Tea Kettle


Features of the Bella Ceramic Electric Kettle-


1.Looks and Design – 

The electric kettle is made up of the ceramic and it looks like a luxurious product. And the kettle so beautiful, fashionable and charming with  smart features which makes your kitchen looks more sophisticated. The sophisticated smart kitchen makes us feel like swagger and smart person in front of the guest.

As the kettle is made up of ceramic so there is a very less amount of plastic used in the kettle which makes it more beneficial for us. The kettle comes in 8 different colour and design .

2.Temperature control  –

The ceramic kettle has one of the best features that is automatically shutting off or say the temperature controlling . This feature works as the shutter of the kettle when it reaches to get the suitable temperature .

I say that this feature is the best feature because this feature gives a relief from running to switch off the kettle as it start giving beeps.

This feature also facilitates us a lot in today’s busy schedule.

This feature facilities more than any other kettle which is without it. 

3.Quick heat up –

 The electric ceramic kettle has quick heating up than the other competitive kettle available in the market today.

The quick heating up feature saves our time which was earlier wasted in the wait of heating up of the liquid in the kettle. 

4.Fast boiling –

The ceramic kettle works more faster  than any other electric kettle. Other electric kettle takes about 4 to 5 minutes in boiling water for tea weather as the ceramic kettle takes only 2 to 3 minutes in boiling water .

5.Use of plastic –

There is a very less use of plastic in the ceramic kettle. The plastic is only used in the lid of the kettle which reduce the contact of plastic with the liquid inside it.

There no plastic smell in the liquid inside the kettle. And the liquid doesn’t even get in contact of plastic that could harm our health.

The less use of plastic in the kettle makes it more health concerns product.  No more tension about the smell of the pla


6.One touch operation-


The kettle has a cordless one touch operation which work in easy filling , boiling and serving from the kettle. This feature is also an important feature for the facility of the customer.

 7. Switch on / off light –

There is blue led light on the kettle which tells about the switch on or off the kettle.

 8. Detachable base –

The kettle comes with the fully detachable base. The fully detachable base allows us to move the kettle away from the base to any other place like dinner table, or working desk , or for serving tea or coffee in the house parties.



How much space does the ceramic kettle covers?

The ceramic kettle needs the space of about a bit of quiet cupboard and is a little both heavy in weight. 

What else can the kettle helps us in ?

  • The kettle helps in preparation of our meal by making instant hot water in minutes.
  • In melting the chocolates for making different dishes of it.
  • The kettle can boil hard eggs into soft eggs which can be eaten as boiled eggs.
  • We can also use the kettle to heat water for making different instantly make up fast foods or soups.
  • We can also prepare our favorite oatmeal in the kettle.

Does the electric ceramic kettle helps us and how ?

 Well the answer is yes the electric ceramic kettle is very useful electric appliances. The electric kettle has many cool and smart features which facilitates  us more than any other electric kettle.

The appliance also helps us in saving our time by working faster than any other electric kettle.

The control the temperature and auto-shut off feature reduces our tension of switching off the kettle as it does not get on automatically after a auto-shut off.

The look of the kettle is also so stylish and fashionable which makes is more attractive.

The less use of plastic in it makes it more health concerns product.

How much electricity does the ceramic kettle takes ?

 The electric ceramic kettle takes

about 1200 watts of electricity at a time for heating up the 1.2 liters of liquid at a time.

 The Bella 14552 Cordless Electric Ceramic Kettle is available in 8 different colors and designs.

 Should we buy this ceramic kettle?

 I would say yes we should buy this product. The kettle has many smart features to facilitate us and has a beautiful and attractive look.

This kettle is a perfect kettle for a modern and smart kitchen. A perfect partner for helping in the preparation of meals or just some fast food, snacks or Beverages.

The ceramic body with less use of plastic in the kettle reduce our tension about smell and food or water being prepared in the plastic


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