Brentwood Electric Tea Kettle KT -1770 (1.2 liters)

Brentwood KT-1770RG Cordless Electric Kettle

Here is the complete review of the Brentwood Stainless Steel Electric Tea Kettle Model KT -1770 (1.2 liters). In today’s era, everyone has a busy schedule of their routine life. Where everyone wants to save some more time and energy for themselves! or to spend some time with their family and friends to enjoy the moments. As the daily schedule for everyone is getting busier day by day. We all are on the lookout for using that equipment or machine which can save our time and energy! but they also should be easy and convenient to use on our daily basis. You will love to use the Brentwood Stainless Steel Electric Tea Kettle Model KT -1770 (1.2 liters). One small, an easy and convenient product which is helpful and useful for all of us or who need tea on a daily basis.

Let’s check out the features of this little good looking kettle! and find out how it is different from other thousands of kettle.

Brentwood KT-1770RG Cordless Electric Kettle

Product description:-

This electric kettle takes charge of 1000 watt of power consumption when it is used. The kettle provides a fast heat-up time which brings the 1.2 liters of liquid to boil in just a few minutes. The kettle also has an auto-set feature which is very satisfying and it has a lift of base in it.

This kettle also has a cordless operation with the one-touch feature which can bring up the matter inside to cooking, filling and easy serving from it. BRENTWOOD STAINLESS STEEL TEA ELECTRIC KETTLE  MODEL KT-1770 kettle is an excellent partner! for you in your kitchen which is capable of bringing the liquid to boiling very quickly and is also able to make tea in just a few minutes.

This electric Kettle is also available in three different storage capacity and 4 different colors (the different storage capacity of the kettle

  • liters, 1.7 liters, and 2 liters

Features of the kettle:-

 Looks and Designing –

The entire body of the kettle is beautifully brushed with stainless steel finish with traditional looks which is more substantial than many of the kettle. The stainless steel finishing of the kettle makes it look attractive. As the kettle also comes in four different colors with the stainless steel finishing! which looks even more attractive and attention seeker of the people.

Brentwood KT-1770RG Cordless Electric Kettle

Automatically shutting off –

The kettle comes with special feature of auto-shutoff, which means that the kettle will stop heating or boiling after getting the appropriate temperature inside it. The auto – shutting off feature makes the kettle more reliable and suitable for every working person which also helps them to worry less about the kettle and focus more on their work. This feature creates a good difference between these kettle and other compatible kettles.

Alert –

 The kettle has a sound alert fitted inside it, which beeps when the liquid inside the kettle starts boiling and the kettle is shut off.

Brentwood KT-1770RG Cordless Electric Kettle

Indicator –

The kettle has an on-off indicator light which will help you in recognizing that weather the kettle is on or off.

Lightweight –

The kettle can be easily shifted from one place to another place and also be hidden when it is not in use because it takes very little space and is lightweight. And the kettle can be lifted out of its base.

Whistle sound –

 The kettle doesn’t have any traditional whistle sound like the old kettle was having.

The annoying sound of the old kettles’ traditional whistle was really very irritating. This electric doesn’t have that sound of the whistle it just has a more alert’s sound which just sounds for few seconds and the kettle is shut off automatically.

Usage of plastic –

There is very little usage of plastic in the kettle. They’re just a small plastic lead used in the kettle which is used for pouring purposes so you won’t have to worry about any plastic smell in your tea or coffee.


Advantages of the kettle –

  1. The kettle is easy to use.
  2. It is lightweight.
  3. Plastic use is very less.
  4. Made of stainless steel so it’s long going
  5. Can be used in office or home as using less
  6. Perfect product for a small kitchen.
  7. Having auto-shutoff after reaching the perfect
  8. I can worry less about it.
  9. At a reasonable price.
  10. It doesn’t have any traditional whistle


 It can get rusted if it didn’t get proper maintenance.

Conclusions –

The electric kettle is a great replacement for the old kettle. As the electric kettle comes with a lot of advanced features and is a perfect replacement for several years of use. The electric tea kettle also has very little sound and there is no sound as the old kettle has an annoying traditional whistle sound which is very irritating. It’s stainless steel body also makes it look good and having a lightweight it can be carried anywhere with yourself. And its auto-shutoff feature is one of the great features which facilitates the user very much. The less use of plastic in electric kettle makes it more attractive! as it doesn’t lead the liquid inside the kettle to have any smell of plastic in it.

All the great feature gives a big advantage for the users of the electric kettle with less risk! and is within an affordable price.


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