Electric Kettle Vs Microwave- Complete Comparison

Electric Kettle VS Microwave

Electric Kettle Vs Microwave


The comparison between the electric kettle and microwave oven


An electric kettle and microwave oven are different products with different types of features in it. If you want to know which one is better to buy among electric kettle and microwave oven then we must analyze both the product properly including their advantages and disadvantages before concluding anything. Because until we know everything about the products we won’t be able to take the decision about which one is better than the other.

So we have given here all the advantages and disadvantages! of the electric kettle as well as microwave ovens respectively and then we will decide which one is better for us. Below are the details of Electric Kettle Vs microwave comparison.

Electric Kettle VS Microwave


Electric kettle Advantages:

  • An electric kettle is an all-rounder product that can boil your water properly as well as cook your breakfast like boiling an egg and making some cereal. If you want your breakfast fast then you must opt for an electric kettle for yourself.
  • It is a product which has a high price for quality but you will get the best product possible in your budget according to your needs.
  • An electric kettle is very useful if you want your food to get ready very fast. Because it heats very quickly and makes your food boil faster than any other appliance.
  • The electric kettle has the auto shut off Technology! which can switch it off automatically when the food is cooked! or the water is boiled. And it is sensed by the kettle why the inside temperature of it.
  • These have a very energy efficient system in which it consumes a very small amount of electricity! and you won’t need to spend a lot of money e on your electricity bill if you to keep an electric kettle with you to make your necessary snacks.
  • An electric kettle is very safe to use because it has a safe handle as well as the base has no cord in it in general. And that is why you can serve your food comfortable e from these kinds of electric kettles.
  • Electric kettles are quite easy to transport because of its small size and portable nature. So if you like to travel here and there! and want to have something with you to make your tea or coffee on the trip then you must keep an electric kettle with you.


Electric kettle Disadvantages:

  • Sometimes electric kettles boil dry our food. It happens when our ingredients don’t have enough water in it and at that time electric kettles boil our food in a dry state. It can lead to our food to get burnt as well as it can damage the electric kettle very deeply.
  • Electric kettles are generally made of plastic and that is why it can work as an insulator sometimes when you are in a hurry. But Now, Most of the electric Kettle comes with 100% BPA free Electric Kettle

Microwave oven review


Microwave oven Advantages:

  • A microwave oven is capable of making some healthy food because it is not dependent on the boiling quality of the water and that is why it can make anything you like as per your requirement. A microwave oven can be used in all types of cooking.
  • Microwave ovens have the quality to set their temperature and that is why you can sit back and relax by giving a certain temperature for a certain period to make your food in it.
  • It consumes a very small amount of energy and that is why the people who are really into saving energy can opt for it as a very good product.
  • Microwave oven does not have an open flame and that is why there is no risk of getting burnt by cooking inside the microwave oven. And that is why it is considered to be a very safe product to make your food.

Microwave oven Disadvantages:

  • A microwave oven is a bit slow because it heats up by taking some time more than other appliances. And that is why if you want something to cook your food fast then the microwave oven is not what a good choice for you.
  • The microwave oven has a certain space inside it and that is why you cannot cook for a large family inside a microwave oven. If you live in a joint family and want to cook for everyone at a time then the microwave oven cannot be an option for that.
  • Sometimes if you don’t pay attention to the time you have given and also the temperature! then your food can get overcooked and those kinds of foods are not very good for our health. So if you are using a microwave oven you must be very careful about the time and temperature you are setting in it.
  • The microwave oven needs a specific type of materials and utensils for it. And this is a big drawback of this product because all the time we don’t have these types of utensils at our home and that is why we cannot cook our food any time with any e utensils we have in front of us.


Final Verdict:

We have already seen the advantages and disadvantages of electric kettle and microwave oven both. They both have some advantages and disadvantages! So, after analyzing Electric Kettle Vs microwave details, we can say that if we want some product which we can carry anywhere we like then we should go for an electric kettle for sure.

But if you want something in which we can make all types of foods then microwave oven is the best choice for us! both the products conserve different types of purpose in our lives and we have to choose the kitchen appliance according to our situation and need all the time.

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