How Much Electricity Does A kettle Use For Boiling And Tea,Coffe Making?


How much electricity does boiling a kettle use?

Are you wondering about boiling water, which is more efficient, an electric kettle or a stove? Then let us confirm that it’s an electric kettle. It is designed in such a way that many people have named it Eco Kettle. In this, water will be direct contact with the heating element, which is an integrated lid. Usually, electric kettle to boil water 1200 watts takes 125 seconds, which is 0.04 kilowatt per hour.


You can take another example like, if the water is 1.7L then you can use 2200W. If the kettle is full, it will take 4 minutes 19 second to boil that time you need to use 158.3wh or 0.158kwh of electricity. If you calculate correctly then 28.7c/Kwh you are getting charged for the electricity, it means boiling water inside the kettle cost you 4.55c. There are some types of kettle, which are big size but they consume the same electricity which small kettle takes. The more powerful the kettle is so much faster water will boil.


How much Electricity Does a Electric kettle use

Now the question is, does leaving a kettle plugged in use electricity?

Does leaving a kettle plugged in use electricity?

Well, the answer is a little complicated. If the kettle switch is off, then this is not using any electricity. But all appliances are not the same as some exceptional cases like TV and computer. They use a little amount of power to be warm, and it can provide a quick start. All kettles may not have the same method so better you check this by yourself. You can unplug every kitchen circuit except your kettle. After that you can turn on and turn off, then check the meter. After this, you can come to know whether it is using power or not.


 Most of the electric kettle takes electricity when the switch is on. So keeping it switch off is always safe so that kettle cannot switch on accidentally and water also cannot start the boil. 


The electric kettle is best when you go out, and you do not have the facility of gas. But when you are at home using gas is always economical. Waste heat also goes to home heating with 100 percent efficiency and gas is cheaper than electricity.


One most important thing is you should not fill your kettle completely. Many people do not know, and they fill too much then electricity gets wasted more. Whatever the conclusion is electric kettle wastage is less. If you are at office filling kettle and boiling water is the best option. But you must make sure that you drink instantly because if you do not use that properly then energy will go in the air and it also has an HVAC system where it has to get remove.

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