How To Boil Vegetables In Electric Kettle? Here is the Quick Guide


How To Boil Vegetables In The Electric Kettle


Are you looking for to boil anything quickly? Are you a budget traveller and does not want to eat restaurant food then electric kettle is the best option for you. or you may be looking for “how to boil vegetables in the electric kettle for home food preparation. Here is the quick guide you can follow to boil vegetables in the electric kettle.

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Before you start using an electric kettle, you must know how to use the electric kettle. The process is described below:

Here is how to Boil vegetables in an electric kettle

  1. You need to carry electric kettle with silicone bowl and camping spork. You also need to carry a knife and plier so that you can cook in your room where the gas facility is not available.
  2. You need to pore water inside the kettle then start boiling it, make sure that you carry faster cooking product so that work can be easy for you.
  3. After the boiling is done, you can give veggies directly in it then close the lead. Leave veggies to boil for some time. You can also cook the veggies in a ziplock bag. But you need to make sure that bag should not touch to the hot metal coil a lid also must be secure in the place.
  4. If you want to boil the egg then directly you can put that to inside water and start boiling.
  5. You can also re-boil the water if it becomes cold.


Recipies You can Prepare with An Electric Kettle

There are some simple recipes, which you can easily cook in an electric kettle. Those are discussing below:



Sweet Corn Pasta:

Are you looking for ridiculous creamy lunch then you must eat sweet corn pasta. You only need to add sweet cord and butter inside the kettle and need to keep for 2-3 minutes. After that, it will become tender and soft. After it gets ready, you can drain excess water. Now it is the time to add coriander and chilli flakes as per your test.

Rice Meal:

Rice is very popular, and you can make a meal with it easily. You need to soak rice for 20 minutes after that you need to chop vegetables like carrot, beans, etc. You need to put everything together with rice inside the kettle. You also need to add the required amount of water. You can add some salt, ginger, chilli and coriander as per your test. Then your meal will be ready.

Vegetable Maggi:

Recipies On Electric Kettle

This is the easiest recipe to fill your tummy. You can add first butter inside the kettle then need to add water. After boiling the water, you can add Maggie to it. After that, you can close the lid and cook it for some time. You can also put some vegetable to it; once Maggi will become soft, you can take it out for serving.

Oatmeal bowl:

Recipies in An Electric Kettle


Do you want healthy food always? then oatmeal can be the best option for you. You need to boil water in an electric kettle then you need to mix oats in it. After you finish boiling, you can add some fruits as per your choice. Your oatmeal is ready.




These are the easiest recipes, which you can prepare easily in the electric kettle before you plan for travelling, you can check here how to make so that your travelling can be easy.