How To Clean An Electric Kettle Without Vinegar? Here, How you Can


How to clean an electric kettle without vinegar?

Did you use an electric kettle regularly? But you do not know how to clean it! do you want to clean an electric kettle without vinegar? Then this article can help you by providing you with the necessary details the most important thing you need to clean electric kettle without vinegar. Vinegar is a very common thing, so it comes easily in everyone’s mind. But it is better to avoid vinegar. So, let’s Know “How to Clean An Electric Kettle without Vinegar.


Usually, it is better that you clean your kettle every couple of month and if you are regularly using then it is better to clean even more frequently.

Can you Clean Electric Kettle Without Vinegar


Cleaning your electric kettle with Lemon:

When vinegar is not available at home, you can use lemon and follow the below method:


  1. Mix lemon and water solution: You can squeeze lemon juice and mix it with water, or you can also add the lemon piece directly into the water.
  2. Boil mixture inside the kettle: After that, you need to boil this mixture and unplug it after the completion of boiling. You need to leave that boiled mixture inside the appliance minimum of one hour.
  3. Empty the kettle: Now it is a time to pour out the water and rinse the kettle. You also need to wash until the lemon test goes.


Cleaning electric kettle with Baking Soda:

You do not have lemon in your hand, are you wondering how to clean electric kettle? Here you have the solution for it. Kindly follow the below guidelines.


  1. Mix the baking soda solution: You need to stir one teaspoon of baking soda inside the water, and you need to mix them well.
  2. Boil the mixture in your kettle: You need to boil the solution like the previous method. It must boil around 20 minutes. After that, pour it out and rinse it with cold water.


Other tips for cleaning electric kettle:


If you do not have lemon and baking soda, there are some other methods to clean the electric kettle. Those are discussing below:


  1. Clean outside of the kettle: If you are using regularly then you must clean the outside of the kettle. You also must wipe the kettle down with a multi-type cleaner where anti-bacteria cannot form. Every week you must do it so that it can be clean.
  2. Polish your kettle: If it is made with stainless steel then you need to clean it with little olive oil so that it can provide brilliant shine. You need to use soft cloth for cleaning.
  3. Fill the kettle as required: You need to fill the kettle how much need because many people leave extra water and after boiling it they leave the water inside kettle. This you must avoid.
  4. Use filters: Many kettles have removable filters, which catch all the flakes while taking it out a thing from the kettle.


Whatever you select to clean the electric kettle, every method is quick and simple. You can follow the above checklist so that you can say goodbye to dirt for less than half an hour.