How to Clean inside of An Electric Kettle ? Here Are The Quick Tips


The procedure of cleaning inside of an electric kettle

here is how to clean inside of an electric kettle easily without that much hassle! If you are looking for how to clean inside of your electric kettle, then keep reading.

Electric  Kettle is a very important thing in your kitchen. It makes your life easy. If you want a cup of tea, then you will get ready for less than five minutes. You need to pour water and press the desired temperature; your drink will be ready. The electric kettle also has the capacity to a controlled temperature, so that it can prevent over boil the water so that it does not make change the delicate test and flavor.

How to clean inside of an electric kettle

This type of appliance always has a demand in the market. You not only need to keep this type of kettle you also need to know how to clean inside of an electric kettle. You need to keep on cleaning this type of kettle on a regular basis to increase its lifeline.


The Procedure of cleaning electric kettle:

Here you can get the procedure to clean the inside of the electric kettle. That process is discussing below:


  1. You need to pour an equal quantity of water and vinegar inside the kettle and need to mix it nicely so that it becomes a solution.
  2. That mixture must be halfway or three-quarter of the kettle.
  3. After that, you need to switch on the kettle connection so that a solution can be a boil.
  4. After the completion of boiling, you need to turn off the switch and let the solution be inside for 20 to 30 minutes. So that scale build-up can be soft.
  5. You can also leave the solution for a longer period of time. if the build-up is really strong. You also need to increase the vinegar quantity.
  6. You need to scrub with non-metallic sponge inside the kettle. You can also use soft cloth or brush.
  7. After the completion of cleaning, you need to rinse it thoroughly, while washing makes sure that you use fresh water.
  8. You may get vinegar smell again, that time you need to boil some fresh water for some time again so that smell goes away. You can continue this process even twice if the smell does not go.
  9. After that, you can wipe it inside the kettle and then leave for dry.


Not only the vinegar, even though baking soda, and lime you can wash the inside of the electric kettle. That time also you can use the same procedure. Not only cleaning you also need to require to maintain it.


Tips for maintaining Electric kettle:

Here some suggestions can be mentioned below:

  1. Not only inside you need to keep clean the outside of the kettle too. You can use dishwater detergent to wash it regularly. Then it will be neat and clean. You can also get some soap mixture and clean it with a damp cloth.
  2. You should not immerse kettle inside the water.
  3. If you are using a stainless kettle, then you can use a few drops of olive oil to its surface then rub it so that it can give a shiny look.
  4. One most important thing you should not scratch the outside surface.


Cleaning is a very simple task but you need to make it as a routine so that your kitchen will always be clean.