Russell Hobbs KE5550BKR Retro Style 1.7L Electric Kettle

Russell Hobbs KE5550BKR

Russell Hobbs KE5550BKR Retro Style 1.7L Electric Kettle


Here is the complete review of Russell Hobbs KE5550BKR Electric Kettle. Just imagine how beautiful it would be resting on your bed on a rainy day or being in your bed to feel cozier on a winter morning with your loved ones or just spending a few of laughter moments with your friends and having the sip of hot tea or coffee. It would be a wonderful feeling at the starting of the morning or the best part of the day that will make your day special. But sometimes we lose the chance of spending those moments because of making tea or coffee in the kitchen.

I am introducing an electric kettle which would help in making more time with your loved ones or friends and family to enjoy those moments.


Russell Hobbs KE5550BKRThe Russell Hobbs KE5550BKR Electric Kettle is a beautiful kettle and stylish kettle with a lot of goodies features. This retro-style electric kettle will add up a timeless classic beauty to you with its classic looks. This kettle is a faultless partner for fashion or style-conscious people because its empirical and smart classic looks are just amazing. The kettle is an eye-catcher.


This kettle would add beauty to your old or new kitchen or whatever is the look of your kitchen it will enhance its looks and beauty. The retro design kettle helps you in making different things like tea, coffee, oatmeal, instant soups, hot cocoa or boiling up liquids and many other things. This electric kettle has many different innovative features that will make you fall in love with it again and again. The electric kettle takes up a charge of 120 voltage or 1500 watt. The retro-style electric kettle has 1.7 liters and with 5 different colors.


Features Of Russell Hobbs KE5550BKR Electric Kettle


1. Stainless steel construction with a pull-off lid –

 The retro design of the electric kettle is made up of stainless steel from the outside. And the stainless steel cover from outside the kettle makes it look more classic and attractive. The steel covering of the kettle makes the kettle a more durable and long-life product. It just needs proper maintenance for being rust free but if you don’t keep proper maintenance then it will be damaged soon.

The kettle also has the plastic coating from inside which gets in the touch of the liquid inside the kettle.

2. Drip-Free Spout-

Russell Hobbs KE5550BKR

The pouring spout of the electric kettle is designed and created with a single stream. That means only a single stream of the liquid inside the kettle will be coming out and this keeps the boiling liquid contained safely. single stream of liquid outing from the kettle makes the pouring of the liquid drip-free spout.

3. Cool Touch Handle –

The kettle has a cool-touch handle which does not get heated up as the liquid in the kettle does. The cool-touch handle makes it easy to hold the hot kettle with bare hands through the handle. It also does not burn us makes it easy to drip and pour the liquid from the kettle.

4. Water Temperature Gauge –

Russell Hobbs KE5550BKRThe water temperature gauge is a small temperature scaling machine that is being fitted inside the kettle for facilitating the customer.

The water temperature gauge helps in achieving a proper optimal temperature for all the different liquids which we put inside the kettle. water gauge of this electric kettle shows the temperature of the liquid inside the kettle which makes it easy to off the kettle after reaching the temperature.

5. Quick Boiling indicator-

 The retro-style electric kettle has an indicator fitted inside it which provides an indication about the quantity of liquid inside it. It also shows that at what level it needs liquid to be filled inside to work faster. It levels up the mark the up to which the liquid is being present inside the kettle. They also help in the accurate filling of the kettle for the faster work.

6. Removable Anti-Scale Filter –

 The Russell Hobbs kettle has an attachment of a removable and washable filter.

This filter is attached just before the pouring spout. The filter helps in maintaining the limescale of your  Beverages. The filter is easy to remove from the kettle and it can be easily washed and cleaned.

7. Lift up and Serverable base –

The kettle has a lift-up base which means that the kettle can be easily removed from its base at any angle. That makes it easy to handle and easy to serve from the kettle. The lift-up base make it easy to move the kettle from one place to another.

8. Auto -shut off-

The retro design electric kettle has an amazing feature of auto-shutting off of the kettle. This feature means that the kettle will automatically shut off when it will reach the required temperature. This feature of an electric kettle is the best of all the feature which facilitates the customer and reduce their tension about the kettle. 

Conclusion –

The design Russell Hobbs KE5550BKR Electric Kettle is a great choice for everyone. This Russel Hobb Electric kettle will help you in making different things without any waste of time and in a very few time. Its cool features like auto-shutoff, removable filter, anti-scale make it more perfect for daily use. The stainless steel classic and smart looks make it more attractive for every type of kitchen. As the beauty of the kettle increases the beauty of the kitchen and makes it looks more style-conscious.


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